International Postgraduate Medical Training

The IPMT conferences represent a concept of international medical training for doctors and other professionals working in health care. The concept is offered as a 5-year series of annual one-week conferences which are organized in close cooperation with the Medical Section at Goetheanum, Switzerland.

The programme at each IPMT conference has a specific and given structure – it is designed to focus primarily on practical activities in the morning sessions (eurythmy, goetheanistic nature exercises and work on the core literature), with the afternoons devoted to specialized workshops on various subjects, and the evenings reserved for questions on medical ethics.

The fourth IPMT conference in Slovakia will take place from 17th to 24th August 2024 in Banská Štiavnica, a town in central Slovakia, and will be held in Slovak and German language.

SPŠ Samuela Mikovíniho
Akademická 13
Banská Štiavnica
969 15